Fender Champion 800

Schematic(s) champ_5c1.pdf
Production: ,

Model/Circuit Number: 800
Years of Production:
1948 – 1949
Era: TV Front
Configuration: Combo
Controls: Rear facing grey-green hammerloid panel w/ white screened labels, control numbered 1-12
Knobs: Black Chicken Head

  • Front: In , In, Vol/Power Sw – Pilot Lamp, Fuse
  • Rear:



  • Greenish linen

Grill Cloth:

  • Brown hohair ~ early 1948
  • Linen

Logo: Cabinet mounted, block letter

Effects: None
Watts: 4 watts

  • Pre amp: Metal envelope 6SJ7
  • Power: Metal envelope 6V6
  • Bias: Cathode Biased
  • Rectifier: Metal envelope 5Y3

The 1948-49 production was changed to the Champion 600. All the ones I’ve seen had the 800 crossed out and 600 penciled in. I’ve only seen 1×6 versions all with the two-tone you see here. Kinda Burgundy/cream. The layout and schematic are identical to the Champ 5C1. (John @Vintage Amp South)

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  1. Comment by Gaetano — January 8, 2015 at 5:52 am   Reply

    In the photo I see a Cletron Speaker and not a Jensen P8R. Is it its original one of 1949?


  2. Comment by Bill H — August 14, 2015 at 7:06 am   Reply

    The amp pictured is a Champion 600, like all two-tones. The 800s had a straight-front cab covered in greenish fabric. When the change was made to the two-tone with 6″ speaker in 1949, Fender saved a few pennies by using the same tube chart labels, with “800” altered to “600” by hand as with the one pictured. The circuit was identical.

    The C800 would have been “Model 5A1” according to the later system, which wasn’t adopted until 1953; the wide-panels were “5C1” acknowledging the two earlier models.

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