Fender Narrow Panel Tweed Bassman

Fender Bassman Narrow Panel 1955
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Model/Circuit Number: 5D6 ~ 1955, 5E6 ~ 1955, 5E6-A ~ 1955-1957, 5F6 ~ 1957, 5F6-A ~ 1958-1960
Years of Production: 1955 – 1960
Configuration: Combo
Controls: Chrome top facing w/ white screened labels, controls numbered 1-12
Knobs: Black Pointer

  • Front: 5D6, 6E6: Ground Sw, Fuse (3A), Power Sw, Standby Sw, Pilot Lamp, Presense, Bass, Treb, Vol, Vol, Normal In, Bright In
  • Rear: None

Cabinet: Reproduction Tweed Bassman Combo Cabinet


Grill Cloth:

Logo: Cabinet mounted, Script
Weight: 47 lbs

Watts: 40-50 watts

  • Pre amp: 5D6, 5E62: 2 x 12AY7
  • Power: 6D6, 5E6: 2 x 6L6G
  • Bias: Fixed; Nonadjustable
  • Rectifier: 5D6, 5E6: 2 x 5U4GA

The 5F6 and 5F6-A had four speaker jacks wired in parallel under the chassis. A selenium rectifier was used in the bias circuit.

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  1. Comment by Loaksbosco — January 24, 2012 at 12:00 pm   Reply

    This sucks. What happened to the old ampwares??

  2. Comment by telerepairman — May 10, 2012 at 4:32 am   Reply

    Does anyone out there know how to identify the two different types of baffle..i.e. I had an old 4×10 tweed bassman wherein the front baffle was only 1/4 inch thick and sprung so that it jumped back when you hit a loud power chord. All others I’ve seen have the normal thick baffle.

  3. Comment by Steve Steinle — August 29, 2015 at 10:12 am   Reply

    What can you tell me about a Bassman 135 with silverface, blue “BASSMAN 135″ lettering and black grill cloth? Looking for info. on desirability, year of likely manufacture, sound quality with standard matching cabinet (a single 18″, or possibly 15” speaker), and current value? Thanks! Steve

  4. Comment by Drew ArnoldFebruary 9, 2016 at 1:05 pm   Reply

    Have heard that as the 4×10 Bassman was transitioning to the Piggyback in late 1960, Leo or the shop covered a few of the old 4 x10 cabs in brown tolex with a black “bassman” Logo. Can anyone confirm?

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