Fender Narrow Panel Tweed Bassman

Fender Bassman Narrow Panel 1955
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Model/Circuit Number: 5D6 ~ 1955, 5E6 ~ 1955, 5E6-A ~ 1955-1957, 5F6 ~ 1957, 5F6-A ~ 1958-1960
Years of Production: 1955 – 1960
Configuration: Combo
Controls: Chrome top facing w/ white screened labels, controls numbered 1-12
Knobs: Black Pointer

  • Front: 5D6, 6E6: Ground Sw, Fuse (3A), Power Sw, Standby Sw, Pilot Lamp, Presense, Bass, Treb, Vol, Vol, Normal In, Bright In
  • Rear: None

Cabinet: Reproduction Tweed Bassman Combo Cabinet


Grill Cloth:

Logo: Cabinet mounted, Script
Weight: 47 lbs

Watts: 40-50 watts

  • Pre amp: 5D6, 5E62: 2 x 12AY7
  • Power: 6D6, 5E6: 2 x 6L6G
  • Bias: Fixed; Nonadjustable
  • Rectifier: 5D6, 5E6: 2 x 5U4GA

The 5F6 and 5F6-A had four speaker jacks wired in parallel under the chassis. A selenium rectifier was used in the bias circuit.

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  1. Comment by Loaksbosco — January 24, 2012 at 12:00 pm   Reply

    This sucks. What happened to the old ampwares??

  2. Comment by telerepairman — May 10, 2012 at 4:32 am   Reply

    Does anyone out there know how to identify the two different types of baffle..i.e. I had an old 4×10 tweed bassman wherein the front baffle was only 1/4 inch thick and sprung so that it jumped back when you hit a loud power chord. All others I’ve seen have the normal thick baffle.

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