Fender Pawn Shop Greta

Model/Circuit Number: Fender Pawn Shop Greta
Years of Production: 2012 – 2013
Era: Pawn Shop
Configuration: Tabletop Combo
Controls: Front face mounted, no labeling
Knobs: Round gold w/ three detents

  • Front: Volume, Tone, Analog VU Meter
  • Rear: Guitar In, 18″ Aux In, Line Out, External Speaker, Power Switch, Power cable port


  • Dimensions: 6.75″ H X 10″ W X 7.25″ D
  • Feet: Angled TV style w/ round rubber bottoms


Covering Material

  • Tolex/Tweed: Red painted wood front and back panels, gold painted metal top cover
  • Grill Cloth: Gold, circular cutout

Logo: Special “Greta” Rose emblem between VU meter and knobs
Weight: 8.7 lbs.
Speakers/Load: 1 X 4″ / 8 Ohms, Ext Cab: 1 X 12″

  • Speaker Model: Fender Greta Special Design, Ext Cab: Celestion G12P-80
  • Effects: None
    Watts: 2 Watts

    • Pre amp: 1 x 12AX7
    • Power: 1 x 12AT7

    Bias: Cathode
    Rectifier: Solid State


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