Fender Blonde 6G6-A Bassman

Configuration: ,
Production: , ,

Model/Circuit Number: 6G6-A, 6G6-B
Years of Production:
1962 – 1964
Era: Blond
Configuration: Head and 2×12 Extension Cabinet
Controls: Brown ~ 1962-1963, Black ~ 1963-1964 forward facing w/ white labels, controls numbered 1 – 10
Knobs: White Barrel Knobs

  • Front: Bass: In, In, Vol, Treb, Bass – Normal: In, In, Vol, Treb, Bass – Presence – Pilot Lamp
  • Rear: Ground Sw, Fuse (3A), Power Sw, Standby Sw, Speaker Jack, Ex. Speaker Jack



Grill Cloth:

Logo: Grill mounted, flat Brown or raised (64), chrome & black, script

Effects: None
Watts: 50 watts

  • Pre amp: 4 x 7025
  • Power: 2 x 5881
  • Bias: Fixed; nonadjustable
  • Rectifier: Solid State


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  1. Comment by Grant RushtonMay 22, 2014 at 4:51 am   Reply

    Just a quick point here for information sake as that the 6G6 and 6G6A Bassman also came with a single 12″ speaker cabinet in 1961 and early 1962 which should be listed as well. They also came in both tube and Solid State rectifier versions.

  2. Comment by Larry KohutDecember 1, 2014 at 6:14 am   Reply

    I have 2 Blonde Bassman amps in the shop right now, so I just wanted to add some additional details on handles, logos and grill cloth for these 2 samples.

    – 6G6-A Circuit
    – Ox Blood Grill Cloth
    – Brown Plastic Dog Bone Handle
    – Flat Logo

    – 6G6-B Circuit
    – Beige Brown Grill Cloth
    – Black Plastic Handle
    – Raised Chrome & Black Scrip Logo

  3. Comment by Greg PerrineJuly 23, 2015 at 5:10 pm   Reply

    I have a ’64 smooth blonde tolex head and cab. Tube Chart Date NF (June 1964).
    Chassis is ink stamped inside with TC2364 (June ’64),
    Filter cap board stamped FA2064 (May ’64).
    Tube Chart on the 6G6-B label shows 6L6 power tubes, not 5881.
    Also the original cab contains a pair of Utah 12″ stamped 328614.

  4. Comment by Greg PerrineJuly 23, 2015 at 5:11 pm   Reply

    OOOOOOPs.. speakers are stamped 328418.. bad typo, sorry!

  5. Comment by Игровые автоматы игровой автомат magic moneyApril 4, 2016 at 4:58 am   Reply

    Привет! A stock 63 Bassman will have smooth blond tolex and a wheat grill, but don t get too hung up on the cosmetics. Over the past few decades, many of them have been retolexed or had different cloth installed. These are easy things to replace unless you absolutely need a completely original amp and cab.

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