How much is my amp worth?

Pricing history information is included for a variety of vintage Fender® amplifiers up through the 1970’s, located at the bottom of each amp. The number of months of history varies depending upon when tracking started for that amplifier. Information is obtained from closed eBay auctions and is updated weekly. The Amp Guide receives questions everyday from folks wondering how much their amp is worth, and this new tool will help the vintage music community in determining fair market value and create a well informed industry.

Recently we’ve received a number of questions from amp owners asking for help in determining the value of their Fender amplifier. There are many factors that go into figuring out how much your amp is worth other than the make and model. Does it work? Have any of the electrical components been replaced? Is the tolex or grill cloth in good shape? The best method to determine a baseline value would be to check the completed auction listings for similar amps on EBay. (Note: You need to have an EBay account in order to search completed listings.) EBay is a good indicator of value because it samples not only amplifier values all over the U.S., but also internationally. Once you have a baseline value you then need to determine if your amp is in better or worse condition than the amps that have sold on EBay. Remember, we’re only talking about completed auctions and not current listings. People list their “dream” values on EBay all the time hoping to catch the right buyer at the right time. Good luck and we hope you get the most for your amp!