Gibson Schematics

eh-150.pdf Size: 10514

g10_g20_g30-guitar.pdf Size: 440351

g100a-guitar.pdf Size: 457926

g12.pdf Size: 26393

g15_gemini_ii.pdf Size: 26189

g20a_g30a-guitar.pdf Size: 440047

g35-rev_a-guitar.pdf Size: 444574

g35-rev_b-guitar.pdf Size: 428850

g40-guitar.pdf Size: 454503

g50a-guitar.pdf Size: 440530

g50b-bass.pdf Size: 443694

ga100.pdf Size: 126035

ga15.pdf Size: 44245

ga15rvt.pdf Size: 68448

ga16t.pdf Size: 99577

ga17rvt.pdf Size: 82699

ga-18t_explorer.pdf Size: 532

ga19rvt.pdf Size: 270176

ga1rt.pdf Size: 94902

ga1rvt.pdf Size: 390613

ga20.pdf Size: 36922

ga200.pdf Size: 197349

ga20rvt.pdf Size: 114866

ga20t.pdf Size: 586888

ga25.pdf Size: 47189

ga25rvt.pdf Size: 73224

ga2rvt.pdf Size: 286496

ga30.pdf Size: 84558

ga300rvt.pdf Size: 113547

ga30invader.pdf Size: 67543

ga30rv.pdf Size: 472686

ga30rvt.pdf Size: 140104

ga35rvt.pdf Size: 119365

ga3rv.pdf Size: 77203

ga40.pdf Size: 74647

ga40_2.pdf Size: 70590

ga400.pdf Size: 101009

ga40t_crestline.pdf Size: 992141

ga45rvt.pdf Size: 1138698

ga46.pdf Size: 596987

ga4re.pdf Size: 97641

ga5.pdf Size: 11057

ga5_crest.pdf Size: 81954

ga50.pdf Size: 430790

ga50_60_70_80.pdf Size: 181620

ga50t.pdf Size: 129544

ga55.pdf Size: 85509

ga55rvt.pdf Size: 378500

ga6_lancer.pdf Size: 70358

ga60_hercules.pdf Size: 938243

ga70.pdf Size: 399381

ga75_new.pdf Size: 128059

ga75_old.pdf Size: 64195

ga77_vanguard.pdf Size: 118089

ga77ret.pdf Size: 131734

ga77rv.pdf Size: 188416

ga77rvt_crestline.pdf Size: 336122

ga78.pdf Size: 417968

ga78rv.pdf Size: 592084

ga79.pdf Size: 380616

ga80_varitone.pdf Size: 45724

ga83s.pdf Size: 1319109

ga83s_preamp.pdf Size: 1263488

ga85.pdf Size: 439227

ga86.pdf Size: 437358

ga88s.pdf Size: 35570

ga8t.pdf Size: 410942

ga9.pdf Size: 414762

ga90.pdf Size: 103488

gav1.pdf Size: 296758

gibsonette.pdf Size: 46944

gs12reverbrocket2.pdf Size: 22442

gs15r_gemini_iv.pdf Size: 22658

gtr600.pdf Size: 225995

gv22_gemini22.pdf Size: 543717

2 thoughts on “Gibson Schematics

  • June 27, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    Hi, I was looking through your gibson amp schematics and noticed that the last one you have listed is actually and Ampeg amp. I know you have Ampeg schematics listed on a separate page and that the GV-22 (this is the amp you have the schematic listed on the Gibson page)is not on the Ampeg page.

    The GV-22 is and amp from approximately 1969 and ran for a few years after. It is basically a Geminii circuit from earlier days with a bit more voltage on the plates so there is a bit more headroom. This amp came out at the time Unimusic took over Ampeg. It had the black tolex with the silver type grill cloth, 2 12 inch speakers, 2 channels, one with reverb, tremolo and vibrato. Both channels have treble and bass boost. Like many Ampegs this amp has the Baxandall tone circuit. This amp came stock with 6l6 power tubes which is a change from the earlier Geminii circuits which employed a few different power tubes over the years. It is a pretty nice sounding amp.

    I am sure there are some who would find it helpful to get the GV-22 schematic. Your site is nice because you have the original schematic from Ampeg as well as one drawn by someone else.

    Thanks for your time,

    Michael Barnett

  • May 18, 2018 at 10:12 am

    I have, in my shop, a Blonde Gibsonette GA 8. That is on the chassis face..The amp has 2 6V6’s, 1-12AX7 and 1-5Y3.
    In between the 6V6’s is a porcelain socket that would be for a cap…Of all the GA 8 schematics I have looked at none show this cap socket….Can you help me figure out what is this amp even though it has GA-8?
    Thanks for your time.


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