One thought on “Ampeg Portaflex

  • April 28, 2020 at 12:18 am

    The BT 15 D was an incredible amp. I actively used one from
    68 to 75 and then stored it til I sold it with my EB-O in 2006

    I only used one cabinet for practice and could keep up
    playing bass with my guitar player who had a Marshall

    I was impressed by the design of the cabinet with two
    handles and the portaflex head. I was never that
    strong but could lift it through the glass hatchback
    of my 71 AMC Gremlin. When I played with the Saint
    University Pep Band we would have to carry this amp
    up many flights of stairs in the St Louis Blues Stadium
    and Keil Auditorium The amps had great vinyl covers
    with zippers that were never a fight to get on unlike my
    68 Fender Bassman.

    The double cabinet was great—-two 15 inch speakers
    for rock jobs and a single 15 in a more reasonable
    sized cabinet when I played with the symphonic
    orchestra and concert band in the high school I

    It had a treble boost circuit which I never tried but
    I have always wondered if the treble boost would
    make an EB-O sound like a EB-3

    The BT 15D brought out the best in my EB-O. I really
    liked the deep throaty bass it projected throughout
    the whole tonal range. It did a good job with my first
    bass, a 67 Fender Mustang.

    My current Squier Precision, Squier Jaguar
    short scale and Fender Accoustic bass guitar
    With 15 watt Fender bass amp have never
    given me the deep bass voice I like as did the
    BT 15-D

    I have read that it was not a popular amp but
    mine always served me well, especially with
    the cool backlit front panel


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