Marshall JCM900 4100 Hi Gain Dual Reverb

Model/Circuit Number: 4100
Years of Production: 1990 – 1999
Configuration: Head
Controls: Gold aluminum front-facing, Controls: 1-10
Knobs: Gold KnobsBlack Pointer

  • Front: Power, Stand-by, Footswitch, Volume & Reverb (Channel B), Volume & Reverb (Channel A), Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Leadgain (Preamp Channel B), Gain (Preamp Channel A), Input
  • Rear: Effects (Loop Level, Send, Return), Line Output (Recording Compensated, Direct), Impedance Select (16, 8), 2 x Loudspeaker Jack, Mode Switch (High, Low), 2 x Output Valve Fuse, Mains Input (Power), Fuse



Grill Cloth:

Logo: Cabinet mounted, Large white plastic script Marshall
Weight: 41 lbs

Effects: Reverb for each channel independent
Watts: 100 watts

  • Pre amp: 3 x ECC83
  • Power: 4 x 5881
  • Bias: Fixed
  • Rectifier: Solid State

There was also a 50 Watts version of this amp and also combo versions with one or two 12″ Celestion speakers.

3 thoughts on “Marshall JCM900 4100 Hi Gain Dual Reverb

  • October 7, 2014 at 8:50 am

    I have the 100 watt 1-12 combo model 4101, and have compared it with similar booteek amps, and would not trade even for any of them. I paid $500 used, they paid at least twice as much. If you use your ears, and common sense, it can save you a lot of cash. Just saying.

  • February 24, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    I have one of these beasts. I merely put El34’s in it and it sounds as good as my 800’s and 72 Plexi’s. Just remember, when buying one of these, remove the stock tubes and replace them with the EL’s, and regardless of which head you choose to use, be certain to employ a Marshall 4×12 cab for premium sound. And don’t let anyone BS you, the 1960 cabs are no better than Marshall’s other 4×12’s cabs. Just install some Celestions if in doubt and they’ll sound as good as the 1960 cabs we’ve all been conned into putting out extra money for.

    Long story short, the 900 4100 is a beast’s beast, and sounds just as good as any 800. Only difference is the 800 came with English made power tubes rather than the cheap Chinese ones with the cheap glass. Like I said, just switch them with a set of EL34’s, use a marshall 4×12, and it’ll sound so good you’ll cum on yourself.


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