Fender Dual Professional

Model/Circuit Number:
Years of Production:
Era: V Front
Configuration: Combo
Controls: Chrome top facing w/ white screened labels, controls numbered 1-12
Knobs: Black Chicken Head

  • Front: Fuse, Power Sw, Pilot Lamp, Tone, Vol, Lo Gain In, Mic Vol, In, In, Mic In
  • Rear:


  • Dimensions:
  • Hardware: Vertical Chrome Grill Strip
  • Handle: Leather
  • Feet: Glides
  • Corners:

Covering Material

Logo: Cabinet mounted, block letter


  • Pre amp: 2 x 6SJ7
  • Power: 2 x metal envelop 6L6

Bias: Cathode Biased
Rectifier: 5U4

Comments: The Lo Gain In jack allowed a high output device to be inserted into the signal path. This jack functions much like the modern day equivalent of a “Power Amp In” The Dual Professional used two output transformers mounted to the speaker frames. The Dual Professional included two 10″ Jensen speakers. It was renamed the Super in fall of 1947.

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